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Your equipment is our passion

Our team designs and develops the product, manufactures the prototypes at our development site in Austria from the initial idea to the finished product. Outrider was created from the experience of partners from special operations, military, intelligence, police, sport shooting, survival and outdoor for the development and worldwide field testing added.

Product Lines

The T.O.R.D. line includes functional clothing, which is particularly suitable for tactical applications, but also for range and duty. The focus is on robustness in a combination with simple design, which includes many useful features. At the same time, great emphasis has been placed on not compromising its lightweight properties. The clothing is also ideal for off-duty, outdoor, survival and bushcraft.

Ergonomic design and wearing comfort are the key factors in the development of products from the O.T. Performance Line. This line uses advanced technologies, such as quick-drying fi bers that wick moisture away from the body. A highly selective choice of materials ensures high fl exibility and stretch, while the materials still feel as natural as possible on the skin.

The O.S.L. Line combines classic design with innovative features. This means that proven classics meet new ideas in terms of function and materials. The Old School line is very well suited for everyone who loves the useful features of tactical clothing, but also does not want to sacrifi ce the comfort and appearance of the trusted clothing in everyday life.